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Marriage Counseling Coon Rapids MN

Marriage Therapy MNYour wedding day is a beautiful thing. Flowers, friends, family, and that special person you are planning to spend the rest of your life with! Most people enter into a marriage expecting it to last forever. Once a marriage begins, there can be many trials and tribulations…

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Relationship Counseling, MN

Marrige CounselerLaurie Grengs has been practicing therapy in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, for more than three decades and has established herself as a trusted counselor with the capacity to help people salvage their relationships and make them healthier and long-lasting. There can be no doubt about Laurie Grengs’ commitment to help everyone she can; she is willing to deal with the toughest of those issues, and very often the toughest issues pertain to relationships. By nature and definition, relationships are complex and require constant maintenance. But in a busy world, where we are pulled in so many directions, we often neglect our primary relationships. Over time, this can lead to extreme stress and unhappiness. A trained and qualified counselor like Laurie Grengs can help you reset your relationship or marriage, reprioritize the many facets of your life, and gain better balance in the most important relationship in your life.

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Marriage Counseling Andover MN

Marrige Therapy MNMarriage is a word that should not be taken lightly. It is the combination of two individuals that have made a commitment to each other to live the rest of their lives as one. No one said marriage would be easy. Throughout a marriage couples will experience highs and lows as well as some marital problems.

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