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Depression Therapist Anoka County

Depression Therapist Anoka County | Coon Rapids Depression CounselorDepression can be horrible. It can be relentless. It can be overwhelming. And, most importantly, it can be defeated. Most people who beat depression do not, and can not, do it alone. The work is hard and requires the willingness to be open to new and different perspectives. Depression tends to prevent us from being able to accept new perspectives when we isolate ourselves from…

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Understanding and Dealing with Depression

Understanding and Dealing with DepressionUnderstanding depression is often not easy. In fact, if your understanding of depression comes from other people’s descriptions of it, from the media, or from movies and TV, you may not see the full spectrum of symptoms and difficulty it can cause. The fact is, depression may look and feel different than you have been taught. Depression can

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Depression Help

Depression CounselorLaurie Grengs has served the people of Blaine, Coon Rapids, Anoka, Minnesota for well over thirty-five years. She has helped thousands of people dealing with a wide array of issues. But if one issue stands out among the range of issues she has treated, it might well be depression. If you are dealing with the effects of depression—from mild to severe—Laurie can help in a collaborative therapy relationship to regain your life and inner peace.

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