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Psychologist Coon Rapids, MN

Psychologist Coon Rapids, MNLaurie Grengs, a psychologist with a practice based in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, has served her community via the practice of counseling and therapy for thirty-five years. She has helped an enormous number of people reach resolution of persistent issues using a combination of expert training, natural empathy, and probing insight. Laurie possesses a knowledge of how the world works, and what it so often does to good people. The world can be rough on people who are sensitive and who absorb the negative energy given off by less generous people. And for many sensitive people, the issues that affect them can be long-term and debilitating. We are inclined to feel the effects of depression and anger, and those things can turn into addiction, marital strife, and lifelong trauma. Worse, these things can persist to the degree that they become normalized.

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