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Couples Counseling Andover MN

Couples Therapy MNWorking with an experienced marriage counselor can have a significant affect on your relationship. Couples Counseling has been known to be successful 70% to 80% of the time. The sooner you seek help with relationship problems the better.

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Psychological Testing Coon Rapids MN

Psychological Testing and ResultsPsychological Evaluations provide an opportunity for a Licensed Psychologist to determine the best ways in which to help an individual. It is not a test that you can fail but rather an assessment tool that arrives at a diagnosis.

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Family Therapy Coon Rapids MN

Discreet Family Counseling

Family Therapy MNFamily Therapy can include all family members or just those willing or able to attend the sessions. Each member of the family can benefit from psychological counseling provided by a Licensed Psychologist. This type of counseling helps to resolve conflicts and improve communication within the family.

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Supportive Counseling Services Coon Rapids MN

Redefine Perceptions

Individual Therapy Coon Rapids MNAs human beings we all have issues and struggles that we deal with every day. The way that we view ourselves and the world around us, plays a large role in how we handle things. When life feels like it is getting too difficult or you have lost your way…

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Anxiety Counseling Coon Rapids MN

Regain Feelings Of Hope And Joy

 Counseling MNDetermining if you are in need of help for feelings of anxiety can be difficult. What is normal anyway? Everybody gets a little anxious or depressed at times but most do not retain a feeling of hopelessness. Panic Attacks can be terrifying and cause you to avoid situations that formerly brought you joy.

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Family Counseling Coon Rapids MN

Family Therapy MNLaurie Grengs is an experienced Psychologist who helps individuals and families heal from life changing or challenging circumstances. She utilizes a holistic approach to healing in a safe, discrete and private location. Families may choose to include all or select members to participate in sessions. We encourage participants to be more in tune and aware of their approach to situations while setting healthy boundaries.

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Psychotherapy Coon Rapids MN

Therapy Coon Rapids MNEveryone has issues and struggles to deal with throughout their lives. For some people these life difficulties can become overwhelming and can cause emotional pain that keeps them from feeling joy or achieving goals. There is help for dealing with these challenges and emotional roadblocks.

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Licensed Psychologist Coon Rapids MN

Psychology MNA lot of people don’t know the true meaning of this term. Psychology is the study of the human mind and behavior. And, here at The International Center for the Attainment Of Love and Joy in Coon Rapids, MN, we have the best psychologist on hand to help with all your needs.

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Counseling Services Coon Rapids MN

TherapyThe International Center For The Attainment Of Love And Joy offers a multitude of positive therapy options for local Coon Rapids, MN residents. Life isn’t always easy, in fact it’s usually not. If you’re dealing with a past, present or future issue and need a third parties ear, opinion, guidance or encouragement we are here for you.

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