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Couples Counseling

Answering Common Questions about Couples Counseling

At Laurie Grengs Counseling, we receive calls every day from people asking about our services. Many of the calls concern marriage or couples therapy. We welcome those inquiries and are grateful for the opportunity to provide guidance. Below we have answered a few common questions about couples counseling to open the lines of communication and […]

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Relationship Counseling Blaine

Marriage Therapy Blaine MNWith all of the political and legal fighting recently about what constitutes a marriage, one thing is very clear. No matter where your personal beliefs fall in the debate, Marriage is a Very Important Aspect of the American Culture.

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Marriage Relationship Counseling

CommunicationMarriage is a life time commitment and can be the best and hardest journey that you will experience. Oftentimes, marriages have ups and downs, and many couples do not always know how to resolve the issues that they are struggling with. Although divorce may seem like the appropriate step to take when relationships get hard, the International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy is here to help the two of you rekindle your relationship and work through difficult problems. A lack in communication is often the source for problems in relationships, and a third party perspective can help mediate.

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Best Therapists Coon Rapids

Life and Professional Coaching Coon Rapids MNIf you are searching for the kind of help that can be provided by a compassionate, caring, and exceptionally well trained therapist, you will find no better choice than Laurie Grengs of Coon Rapids, MN. Our society has been changing its collective opinion of counseling—we are more accepting than ever of the benefit that therapy can provide us. When once seeking therapy was seen as a weakness, it is now seen as a sign of self-awareness, self-care and even strength. While there may still be remnants of old attitudes associated with seeking counseling, those parts of our society are disappearing. And that’s a good thing, because more and more people are in need of the wide range of therapies that people like Laurie Grengs offer.

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