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Substance Abuse Counseling, Coon Rapids

Substance Abuse Counseling, Coon RapidsSubstance abuse can ruin lives—not only the life of the person who’s abusing or addicted, but that person’s loved-ones.  If you are dealing with substance abuse, consider seeking help from Laurie Grengs of Coon Rapids, MN.  Laurie Grengs is a licensed therapist with more than 30 years of experience providing substance abuse counseling to those in the Coon Rapids area.  Laurie Grengs understands that substance abuse is not solely about the substance, nor is it only caused by an addictive personality.  We all likely have the capacity for becoming addicted to something.  But not all of us develop unhealthy reliance on dangerous substances.  Other factors are involved, and Laurie Grengs can help you identify and better understand the causes and effects of those factors.

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