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Andover Life Coach

Andover Life CoachLaurie Grengs is a psychologist that serves the Andover, MN, community with a wide array of skills, including that of Life Coach. She has provided coaching services for people in the Coon Rapids and surrounding communities for more than thirty-five years. Life coaching is a relatively new component in psychologists’ offerings, but Laurie Grengs has been on the leading edge of life coaching and is an expert in the practice.

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Life Coach Blaine, Minnesota

Life Coach Blaine, MinnesotaFor more than thirty-five years, Laurie Grengs has served the communities around Coon Rapids and Blaine, MN, with insightful and affirming counseling services.  As a psychologist with exceptional training and a proven track record of helping those who have sought her support, Laurie Grengs has improved the lives of countless Minnesotans.  One area that has evolved in her practice is the category of life coaching, which Laurie has provided with excellence.  As a result, the people who have taken advantage of her life coaching skills have maximized more of their potential.

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Counselor Coon Rapids

TherapyThe struggle of life is real, and most of us could benefit—sometimes greatly—from having someone to hear us out, to tell our story to, and to help us make sense of how we are going about living our lives. Laurie Grengs is a licensed psychologist located in Coon Rapids

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