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Finding A Healthy Balance in Life

Therapy MNFor a multitude of reasons our lives are more stressful than ever and the pressure is likely greater than it has ever been to produce and succeed. The rate of heart attacks caused by stress among adults is once again growing. The patterns of our lives that develop over time perpetuate a mentality that we must always produce something in order to avoid job loss or gain a promotion or, more generally, succeed.

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Therapeutic Counseling Services

Adolescent Therapist Coon RapidsLaurie Grengs has served her community through her practice of therapeutic counseling for well over thirty-five years. She has helped a great many people find peace and resolution from difficult and complex psychological issues by using her professional training, compassion, and keen insight into the origins of their issues. Laurie understands that the world can impact individuals in sometimes very negative ways, but she also understands how to create positive strategies for you to counteract those negative forces.

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Best Therapists Coon Rapids

Life and Professional Coaching Coon Rapids MNIf you are searching for the kind of help that can be provided by a compassionate, caring, and exceptionally well trained therapist, you will find no better choice than Laurie Grengs of Coon Rapids, MN. Our society has been changing its collective opinion of counseling—we are more accepting than ever of the benefit that therapy can provide us. When once seeking therapy was seen as a weakness, it is now seen as a sign of self-awareness, self-care and even strength. While there may still be remnants of old attitudes associated with seeking counseling, those parts of our society are disappearing. And that’s a good thing, because more and more people are in need of the wide range of therapies that people like Laurie Grengs offer.

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