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Individual Adult Therapist Near Me

Adult Therapist Coon Rapids, MNSometimes, what we need most in order to process an issue and begin to move forward is a good one-on-one conversation. When you have a conversation with a qualified and licensed therapist like Laurie Grengs, you can literally feel yourself moving forward. Laurie Grengs offers individual adult therapy and she is close by and ready to start that first conversation with you.

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Psychologist Coon Rapids MN

Psychologist Coon RapidsLaurie Grengs, a psychologist located in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, has been practicing counseling and therapy for more than thirty years and has helped countless people resolve difficult issues with a combination of expert training, natural empathy, and intellectual insight.

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Private Counseling Coon Rapids

Private Counseling Coon RapidsWe live in an age when it is no longer a luxury to enlist the services of a private counselor, but is often a necessity.  As our species has gained greater access to information and understanding, the problems that arise as a result of that acquisition have increased in frequency and severity.  In a parallel to an economic market responding to customer demand, so to has the profession of counseling responded to our collective need for greater insight.  Laurie Grengs has devoted her practice and her career to private counseling services in the Coon Rapids, MN area.

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