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Anger Management Counseling Ham Lake, Minnesota

Anger Management Counseling Ham Lake, MinnesotaNot dealing with our anger is toxic to all of us.  We convince ourselves that the person we’re angry at deserves it, so we insist on experiencing it.  What we tend to forget is that anger, when not processed well, eats us from the inside out.  Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. The wisdom of that thought is that anger is poisonous to us, and if we don’t deal with it in a healthy way, it can do more damage to us than it is worth.  Laurie Grengs, a highly experienced counselor and therapist serving the Ham Lake, MN, is affiliated with the International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy. She can help you understand your anger and process it in a healthier way.

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Couples Counselor Ham Lake, MN

Couples Counselor Ham Lake, MNEven the most stable of marriages experience periodic turmoil or at least prolonged disagreement.  Marriages that are not so healthy go through difficulty more often and likely with more intensity.  It is almost certain that people experiencing marital problems of varying duration and intensity have not been trained to respond to those problems—we live in a society that values the fairytale more than the realities of relationships, and we tend to avoid conflict, rather than confronting it head-on.  The good news for people in need of marriage counseling is that there are professionals like Laurie Grengs, who is based in Coon Rapids and also serves Ham Lake, MN, who have the training and wisdom to share with people who are less well prepared for the realities of marriage when the fairytale begins to show its limitations.

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