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Children are affected by transitioning family dynamics

Requests for dissolution of marriage tend to increase after the holidays. Reasons for the delay vary by couple. One or both partners may be hopeful for a reconciliation, or couples might stay together so the family can enjoy one more holiday together. This is especially true if children are part of the equation, as they […]

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Psychologist Coon Rapids MN

Psychologist Coon RapidsLaurie Grengs, a psychologist located in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, has been practicing counseling and therapy for more than thirty years and has helped countless people resolve difficult issues with a combination of expert training, natural empathy, and intellectual insight.

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Family Counseling

Coon Rapids Family TherapistLaurie Grengs offers Family Counseling services to the residents of Blaine, Coon Rapids, Spring Lake Park, and Anoka, Minnesota. She has practiced in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, for well over three decades and has built a practice that provides clients compassionate advocacy on behalf of all people who are seeking to find healing from all kinds of interpersonal and psychological issues. More proof of her commitment to help everyone she possibly can is her willingness to work within the context of some of the most difficult issues we can experience: those that originate within the family. Issues that tend to be among the most difficult in the category of family issues are those that stem from the toxicity that some parents introduce into children’s lives. Many parents do not intend to do this, of course, but instead tend to repeat the patterns of their own childhoods in the lives of their own children. Laurie Grengs can help clients understand those patterns and create strategies to work through them and heal.

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