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Spiritual Therapist

Spiritual TherapistA good spiritual therapist can offer you the emotional and psychological support you have been looking for and can offer it in a way that acknowledges and affirms the perspective you bring based on your spiritual foundation. Laurie Grengs is an experienced and highly trained therapist who understands a wide range of faith traditions and the value of offering therapy based on respect of their tenets. She understands that people who consider themselves spiritual are not immune to the kinds of issues that can

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Sexual Abuse Recovery Counselor

Sexual Abuse CounselorThe trauma of sexual abuse often causes an intense and long-lasting response for the person who has endured it. Our society’s relative discomfort with sexuality means that most responses to sexual abuse take on a dimension of difficulty that further complicates the trauma.

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Importance of Having a Psychological Evaluation

Psychological evaluations aren’t something to be afraid of, and they’re not something used to label. They are intended to help understand what a patient is going through so that they can be helped effectively.

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