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Children’s Therapy

family therapy providerEvery child is different, sees the world in a unique way and has their set of challenges as they grow up. Kids are impressionable and developing both physically and emotionally on their own journey. When a child is struggling, whether it be a battle with test anxiety or bullying at school, or having trouble because of a separation or divorce, getting them help and support can be an important step to help them continue to develop in a healthy way. Laurie Grengs is a highly trained therapist based in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, who serves the communities of Blaine, Coon Rapids, Spring Lake Park, and Anoka, Minnesota. If you have a child who is in need of psychological assessment for any of a variety of presenting issues, or more direct therapeutic support, Laurie Grengs can help. With a proven track-record of helping people of all ages, Laurie’s warm manner and relaxed demeanor connects extremely well with children.

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The Critical Role of the Parent-Child Relationship

family therapy providerA good therapist will tell you that healthy, well-adjusted children have been set up for psychological well-being by parents who value their own self-awareness and are willing to do the hard work to be healthy and well-adjusted themselves.

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