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Best Grief Therapy Counselor Twin Cities Metro

Grief Therapist Anoka County, MNAt the intersection of loss and depression is grief. And when we find ourselves at that intersection, we are often confused as to which way to go and paralyzed by the fear that our response to grief will not only be the wrong one, but also permanent. When we experience grief, we tend to lose a measure of our ability to maintain a healthy perspective, which is why grief can feel permanent. And the prospect of permanent pain is daunting at best, and overwhelming at worst. Fortunately, however, there is help and support for those who are grieving. Laurie Grengs is a licensed therapist who has offered help to people experiencing grief for well over three decades

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Traumatic Event Therapy Coon Rapids

Substance Abuse Therapy MNTraumatic experience can come in almost all forms. Life events you have experienced that traumatizes you, or leaves you with a long term negative impression on an individual can be considered traumatic, and should be treated as traumatic.

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Therapeutic Counseling Services MN

Mental Health HelpLaurie Grengs is a highly trained therapist based in Coon Rapids, Minnesota.  If you are in need of psychological support or the help that can be provided by someone with the training and experience to help you gain new insights, Laurie Grengs would be a great fit for you.  Laurie provides a calm, quiet, confidential and supportive atmosphere in which real growth and self-awareness can occur.  Her areas of focus are marriage counseling, individual counseling, anger management, depression counseling and she employs psychological assessments when appropriate.

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