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Experienced Psychologist for Adults, Children, Teens and Couples

Experienced Psychologist for Adults, Children, Teens and CouplesIf you’re looking for a licensed psychologist, you likely have an idea of why. But have you thought about what methods and priorities an effective psychologist might have? Everyone is different, and everyone responds to therapeutic methods differently. At The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy, Laurie Grengs focuses on the pursuit of peace. She can help you overcome your challenges, face whatever causes you grief, and find happiness.

In addition to counseling services, Laurie Grengs offers coaching services and psychological evaluations, ensuring you get any help you need.

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Adolescent Therapy, MN

Adolescent Therapy, MNYoung people—adolescents, specifically—are entering a pivotal time in life at an interesting and sometimes harrowing time in our history.  Adolescents are working toward getting their driver’s’ licenses, and high school seniors are facing the idea of socializing out of their homes.  More adolescents are experiencing depression and anxiety than ever before.  Identifying the larger societal causes of these phenomena may be difficult or impossible to achieve.  If you or your adolescent loved-one lives in the Coon Rapids area, Laurie Grengs is a licensed therapist who specializes in adolescent therapy and can help your teen through the difficult times they face and help them make positive and productive decisions.

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Individual Therapy Sessions MN

Therapist BlaineLaurie Grengs has offered individual therapy to those in Coon Rapids, Anoka and Blaine, MN for close to forty years. She has gained a reputation for providing excellent care and facilitating the healing of her patients from all types of psychological origins. During her career, Laurie has gained insight into many psychological issues that are faced by so many of us. If you think that you are more likely to benefit from the one-on-one attention of Individual Therapy, it may help to know that Laurie has expertise in the following areas:

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Coon Rapids Autism Evaluations

new_lauriegrengslogoIf your child’s pediatrician has had concerns about your child’s developmental health, they may have suggested he or she undergo an autism spectrum disorder screening. These screenings are also known as psychological evaluations, which are vastly important in helping you understand you child’s individual needs and behavioral patterns. At The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy, we offer psychological evaluations for a range of disorders and conditions, including disorders on the autism spectrum. When coming to our Coon Rapids, MN counseling center, you can look forward to finding a safe space for the entire family that will help ensure that you and your child feel comfortable during a psychological evaluation. It is our goal to help as many patients as possible find happiness, and that includes helping children get access to any developmental resources they may need to succeed and grow as individuals.

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Child Psychological Evaluations Coon Rapids, MN

psychological evaluationDo you have a child that you don’t quite understand? Is the school or daycare constantly calling you to discuss behavior or social issues that your child seems to always be struggling with? If you, as a parent or guardian, find this to be an ongoing issue within your family, it may be time for a psychological evaluation. Located in the Coon Rapids, MN area, The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy, is here to help you find the root of the issue and provide you with the right tools to get the help that your child needs.

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