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Adolescent Therapy, MN

Adolescent Therapy, MNYoung people—adolescents, specifically—are entering a pivotal time in life at an interesting and sometimes harrowing time in our history.  Adolescents are working toward getting their driver’s’ licenses, and high school seniors are facing the idea of socializing out of their homes.  More adolescents are experiencing depression and anxiety than ever before.  Identifying the larger societal causes of these phenomena may be difficult or impossible to achieve.  If you or your adolescent loved-one lives in the Coon Rapids area, Laurie Grengs is a licensed therapist who specializes in adolescent therapy and can help your teen through the difficult times they face and help them make positive and productive decisions.

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Therapist North Metro

Laurie Grengs is a licensed therapist who provides excellent counseling services to many people in and around Coon Rapids, MN, where her office is located. If you have been thinking about starting to see a therapist, Laurie is an excellent choice for many reasons. She is not only highly qualified, she is well versed on numerous issues that tend to affect people including depression, anger management, marital problems, child and adolescent issues, substance abuse and trauma.

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