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Strategies for Coping with Career Stress

Life and Executive Coaching Services MNLaurie Grengs, Career Coach and Life Coach, is uniquely qualified to help you maximize your professional performance and minimize your stress. As our world is more and more dominated by reliance on technology, and work performance is influenced by greater-than-ever emphasis on the bottom line…

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Even Successful People See A Therapist

Confidential Counseling MNTo an onlooker, the person who exhibits the trappings of success is possessed not only of great wealth, but of happiness, inner peace, ethical congruence, interpersonal security, and freedom from vulnerability. In fact, the opposite is often true. The closer one gets to achieving one’s goals and aspirations, the more likely it can be that success creates greater feelings of vulnerability to the winds of change and near-certainty that the dreams will become nightmares.

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