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Therapist North Metro

Laurie Grengs is a licensed therapist who provides excellent counseling services to many people in and around Coon Rapids, MN, where her office is located. If you have been thinking about starting to see a therapist, Laurie is an excellent choice for many reasons. She is not only highly qualified, she is well versed on numerous issues that tend to affect people including depression, anger management, marital problems, child and adolescent issues, substance abuse and trauma.

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Therapist Near Me

Substance Abuse Therapy MNLaurie Grengs is a licensed psychologist based in Coon Rapids, MN, who serves such communities as Blaine, Anoka, Champlin, and many others. When life is more hectic and confusing than usual, which happens to most of us, even the most resilient person can benefit from the wisdom and insight of a good therapist. And there is no better therapist in Minnesota than Laurie Grengs, who has earned her excellent reputation by providing excellent care and compassion to all of her clients. Even if you are a person who tries to maintain a healthy perspective, you can lose that perspective on occasion and find that you need someone to talk to. Laurie Grengs can help you if you are in crisis or if you simply need to consider some new strategies to deal with the complications of life.

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Anger Management MN

Youth Psychological MNLaurie Grengs is a psychologist in Coon Rapids, MN, who can help you with your anger issues. She is one of the best therapists in the state and if you live anywhere near Coon Rapids, you should seek her out if you struggle with anger. Laurie Grengs has more than thirty-five years of experience as a therapist and she is an expert in a large number of issues. One specific aspect of her expertise is anger and its impact on you and the people around you. Laurie Grengs can help you manage your anger better. Laurie Grengs is qualified to help you identify your triggers and empower you with new anger management techniques. Moreover, Laurie Grengs can connect you with Anger Management Classes and provide you with anger support so that you do not feel alone as you address these important issues.

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