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Substance Abuse TherapistIf you are coming to terms with the realities of your substance abuse, Laurie Grengs can help you. Experience with substance abuse problems is characterized by a proven track-record of success, while showing  compassion and support. A well known substance abuse therapist, with a history of working with addictive individuals helping them to achieve long term abstinence. The nature of substance abuse requires finding the right balance of traditional therapy and employing new strategies eliminate the abuse of substances from your life, once and for all.

Substance Abuse Counseling, MN

For more than three decades, Laurie has provided help to people struggling with substance abuse with great success. During that time, she has mastered the techniques that will help you overcome the pull of substance abuse. If you have struggled with substances and are reading these words, you are likely looking for a way to improve your situation. Consider it a good sign you are seeking help and actively searching for a substance abuse therapist to help kick the cycle of addiction that is impacting your life.

Despite our society’s perspective on needing help, the act of seeking help is always a good thing. Laurie Grengs will help you understand that the power to change your life for the better is in your own hands. Using her experience and knowledge to help you overcome the obstacles set in your path by your addiction.

Relapse Prevention Therapist In Coon Rapids

Laurie will work with you to understand the causes of your substance abuse. Understanding the history can help you to avoid repeating it. This can be hard work, but it’s necessary to give you the best possible chance to finally win the battle against substances that negatively affecting your life. Work with you to find effective ways to stop the behavior.  Helping you deal with triggers and ease the pain brought on by the addiction, for both you and your loved ones.

Contacting Laurie and the International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy is a great first step toward your long term recovery. We are here to help you understand that your life need not be permanently affected in a negative way by substance abuse. Email Laurie at , or call her at either of the following phone numbers: 763-572-2326 or 877-572-2326. You will be glad you did.