Spiritual Therapist

Spiritual TherapistA good spiritual therapist can offer you the emotional and psychological support you have been looking for and can offer it in a way that acknowledges and affirms the perspective you bring based on your spiritual foundation. Laurie Grengs is an experienced and highly trained therapist who understands a wide range of faith traditions and the value of offering therapy based on respect of their tenets. She understands that people who consider themselves spiritual are not immune to the kinds of issues that can take hold of their lives. Spiritual people are equally likely to develop issues with depression, anger, substance abuse, and/or relationship issues as people who do not consider themselves to be spiritual. Laurie has the capacity to understand your unique expression of spirituality and provide counseling and guidance based on that perspective.

Experienced Spiritual Therapist

To encompass as much of the range of spiritual belief that can be expressed by clients, Laurie Grengs has had to study and integrate a tremendous amount of knowledge of a great many spiritual practices—formal and informal, traditional and non-traditional—into her base of knowledge. Exposure to and understanding of so many spiritual perspectives has resulted in Laurie’s being a licensed therapist with great wisdom and experience. Decades of helping people have allowed her to develop the reputation as a practitioner who empathizes deeply with her clients, consistently demonstrating real understanding of the issues affecting them.

Therapist Who Meets You Where You Are

Laurie Grengs understands that, while you may identify with one specific faith tradition over others, your journey is unique to you. The specific characteristics of your faith tradition provide an important backdrop and/or spiritual foundation for your life, but your experiences in life do not always align perfectly with your spiritual perspective. At these junctures, you can experience dissonance, or disharmony. Many therapists may be able to provide insight from their specific therapeutic perspectives, but Laurie Grengs has separated herself from the vast majority of other therapists by expanding her understanding of a great many spiritual perspectives. In other words, Laurie Grengs will meet you where you are, rather than conduct therapeutic intervention by means of insisting that you meet them at their place of professional comfort. Laurie’ combination of training and experience and her ability to understand you on your terms is a powerful one.

To schedule an appointment with Laurie Grengs, call her office at 877-572-2326 or 763-572-2326.