Spiritual Therapist for Couples

Spiritual Therapist for CouplesSpirituality is a defining factor in the lives of many individuals. As the world around seems to grow more complicated and strife with problems, couples are finding themselves in need of marriage counseling. For those with a strong spiritual background, finding the right therapist can be frustrating. Christian couples in particular may benefit from a spiritual therapist who shares their desire to live with a biblical perspective on family and relationships. The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy provides marriage friendly counseling under the guidance of an experienced relationship therapist. Our goal is to have open and honest communication that strengthens the marriage or pre-marriage relationship.

Marriage Friendly Counseling

Every relationship goes through a rocky patch once in a while. Many neutral counselors are not in a position to care whether the marriage survives or is ended in divorce. A marriage friendly counselor is uniquely qualified to help couples to find an inner peace and resolve to work through difficulties together. If you believe that divorce is not an option, a marriage friendly approach to counseling provides the best hope for saving a troubled relationship.

Factors of Finding Effective Christian Couples Therapy

Some of the most important factors to consider when seeking professional assistance with overcoming relationship issues are the qualifications of the marriage counselor. The following traits are optimal for finding an effective Christian couples therapist.

• Knowledge, Education and Expertise with couples counseling.

• Compassion when relating to the situational suffering of others.

• Insight into the impact a situation has on an individual.

• Positivity when encouraging couples to stay on a good path.

• Problem Solving Skills for developing a plan to resolve issues.

• Flexibility in aspects of communication and problem solving.

• Listening Skills to hear and understand what each party is saying.

• Spiritual Maturity and biblical knowledge as it relates to marriage.

Experienced Relationship and Marriage Counselor

Society is sometimes more politically correct than open and honest. Building a relationship with a solid foundation requires honesty, unconditional love and effective communication. As an experienced relationship/marriage counselor, Laurie Grengs at The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy can provide guidance for Christian couples who have drifted apart or are going through relationship difficulties. Together, we can work through marriage problems and find spiritual fulfillment that can last for many joyful years together.

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