Senior Issues Therapist Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Senior Issues Therapist Coon Rapids, MinnesotaThough we have largely moved beyond stigmatizing people who seek therapy, older people—those for whom the term ‘senior’ now applies—may not realize that they too can benefit from seeking therapeutic counseling from someone with the qualifications and experience of Laurie Grengs. As people age they are just as likely to need someone to talk to as their younger counterparts.

In fact, older adults are even more susceptible to depression, anxiety, anger issues, substance abuse, and wrestling with issues pertaining to retirement, loss of family, friends and loved ones. As a senior, you tend to be not as active, and have more time to just sit and think…or if there are issues going on, time to stew which is VERY bad for your health.

Experienced Therapist for Seniors

Laurie Grengs is an excellent therapist with more than thirty five years working with clients of all ages. She understands the range of experiences and concerns that impact seniors. She has helped many individuals get through a wide variety of psychological issues from complicated family issues to healing from major trauma. Laurie can help you make more sense of them and live a happier and more joyful life as a result. If you are an older person who has experienced trauma in your life, but have not had the opportunity to work through it, your senior years may be suffering as a result. It is never too late to seek and find joy. Resolving some or all of the concerns that you have as a senior member of society can help you find more joy and meaning in life.

Benefits of Seeking Therapy as you Age

Laurie Grengs’ vast experience and professional expertise expresses itself in a wide range of ways. Among the best decisions you can make is to gain greater understanding of the events that have shaped your life. Seniors can benefit from therapy because it is a way of pressing life’s reset button. Most of us do not hesitate to seek help from a dentist when we have a toothache, from a cardiologist if we have arrhythmia, or from a podiatrist if we have plantar fasciitis. But seniors may still be reluctant to seek help from a therapist when life presents issues that come as a result of large periods of time passing with inadequate attention to the issues that affect them emotionally or psychologically. We all experience confusion, self-doubt, emotional pain, and fear. For seniors, those things often take on qualities that emerge from knowledge of our mortality, strained family relationships, or loneliness. But Laurie Grengs provides help and hope by actively listening and offering you the benefit of her expertise. She can provide a listening ear and a way to create new strategies for a more joyful life.

To schedule an appointment, you may reach her by phone at 763-572-2326 or by email at Laurie Grengs’ is located in Coon Rapids, Minnesota and serves clients from all over the metro area.