Sabrina’s search for Unconditional Love

Sabrina knew quickly the feel of the lack of a nurturing love. We know in the mental health field that unconditional love is the critical experience to receive as a child to develop a sustained high self esteem.

Sabrina did not receive that and many people do not. How do we as a human race over come the lack of such an experience? Sabrina has continued to overcome the severe experience of growing up in a cult by extensive commitment to psychotherapy and being willing to learn and change. That is the reason for the invention of psychotherapy. In the 1800’s people were “blood let” or “locked up in dark dingy wards of institutions” as solutions for depression, anxiety, or trauma. It is very serious business the healing of the human heart and psyche. That is why I, Laurie Grengs, have committed my career to being a psychologist.

Assisting Sabrina and over 10,000 clients heal psychologically is my mission in my life. So what do we do in psychotherapy to assist the healing of people to deal with the lack of unconditional love?

I develop a solid respectful therapeutic relationship with my clients and from there I investigate and search for the root of their emotional and psychological pain. Clients need to “sign up” for the process. In that each person, couple, family, and/or organization I am hired to bring healing, needs to decide on some level that they are willing to do what it takes to engage in the healing process, that is occurring in the therapy or coaching sessions.

If the lack of experiencing unconditional love is what is needing healing, I guide my clients into the “lack”. By facing this lack together with my “help”, people can and do transcend this lack through grieving the loss and then transcending to a new evolution of their personhood, complete with a love for themselves that is solid and long lasting.

Sabrina searched for unconditional love for years and struggled deeply as a result. For the change did not come easy. Sabrina had worked with two previous psychologists before coming to me. I have worked with her for years and continue to do so in less frequency as her goals are coming to more completion. As a psychologist, I have worked with thousands of people where the core of the psychological pain is not receiving unconditional love as a child, as seen in marital problems, alcoholism, drug abuse, panic attacks, eating disorders, and organizations not achieving profitability. Parents are not to blame. Bosses are not to blame. Blaming is not the solution. Respectfully facing “our roots”, healing and moving forward is the way to new self and/or a new organization.

During psychotherapy or coaching, the eagle needs to be remembered. Please see a previous post of mine on The Law of Attraction and Being As An Eagle. Achieving bliss in all areas of a person’s life is more than doable it is.