Sabrina’s experience before Life on Earth

The meeting with Jesus was an extraordinary meeting of souls. What a gift of love and joy to know first hand that Jesus loves me and my journey onto Earth is to assist the Kingdom of Heaven. Sabrina after years in psychotherapy for her trauma, opened up with great hesitancy to me, her psychologist, about her deep knowing of life in an ascended form unknown to many people’s consciouness. She knew of the meeting with Jesus Christ before she took on the journey to Earth, yet the recall of this precious connection had been lost in the shock of her birth into the Cult. As she came into her human form she would have conversations within her soul about her committment to assist healing on Earth, as others were attempting to do the same. Yet to create a union with a Satanic Ritualistic Abusive Cult, was a gripping horror as she was born on Earth to her parents.

As Sabrina was growing in age as the years past with her time in the Cult her connection to her soul was opening with a flicker of awareness. The flicker looked pink and purple. It felt like a warmth of love that she had no words to describe. At times she would hear words of I love you and please keep going. She would ask herself what is this and who is this talking to me?

When in the coffin as she planned her death, Sabrina would get flashes of light. She was taken aback and had a deep mistrust of what is this? Sabrina thought how are they getting to me now? Then an internal speaking came to her that I am here for you and I love you. She would shake her head as if she knew now for sure she was going to die from insanity before she could get to the knife that she could drive into her own heart. Having the death of her child on her heart and in her soul was unbearable. So the planning for her own death was taking on feverish quality of urgency to end the hell.