Sabrina challenging her beliefs

Sabrina’s brainwashing was deep and broad. She spent the first eighteen years of her life tortured and raped, yet Sabrina’s persistence would become a cornerstone of her character. Sabrina needed in her trauma psychotherapy and marriage counseling was to break down every belief she was indoctrinated with in the cult and revisit the truth of these beliefs. Sabrina showed up at many psychotherapy sessions crying and in her tears sobbing “I do not want to face any more of this”.

Trauma psychotyherapy is a delicate process of dealing with a client, i.e. Sabrina, and all the internal splits she created to cope with this catastrophic abuse. A psychologist, i.e. as myself, needs to develop a strong therapeutic bond with the client of trust and authenticity. Expert skills at assisting Sabrina reach inside herself step by step to face, feel, and get free of horrors, that parallel the darkest of evil on this planet, is of primary importance.

This psychotherapy process is delicate and demands an expertise from the psychologist of balancing many different facets of Sabrina, so she, Sabrina, can tackle each aspect of the aftermath of this trauma.

As a psychologist it is critical to have extraordinary knowledge and expertise to assist a trauma survivor and assist them to transform and transcend to thriving.

In coming posts, I will discuss and share how I as a psychologist and marriage therapist balance my life so I may bring the very best to my clients. I will discuss personal interests that nourish my heart and soul, so I may then nourish my clients hearts and souls, ultimately to teach and guide my clients to uplift themselves and surround themselves with uplifting friends and family.