Retirement Therapist MN

Retirement Therapist MN | Retirement CounselingLaurie Grengs has become an integral part of her community by providing counseling and therapy services to clients for nearly four decades.  The impact that she has had on countless people’s lives is unmistakable and significant.  She works closely with clients who are managing such conditions as depression, substance abuse, anger management issues, and many others. One area of focus that has become increasingly important to a large number of her clients is retirement counseling.

Retirement Counseling Services

Retirement counseling, when provided by someone with Laurie Grengs’ qualifications, overlaps fairly significantly with more traditional counseling.  Laurie Grengs also offers coaching services, specifically life coaching and executive coaching, which is certainly directly related to retirement counseling.  The work that Laurie has done with people in business and other industries to help them improve executive functioning, profitability, and management skills means that she has keen insight into the full range of issues heading into retirement.

Laurie Grengs’ knowledge of the business world, and more specifically of succeeding in the business world, lends itself well to how you can continue feeling successful after you have retired.  Laurie has extensive knowledge of what it takes to be successful as a leader of industry, and she also understands the complex psychological transitions associated with retiring.  New retirees not only have to plan for how to manage investments and wealth, they need to be prepared for changes and transitions they have likely never experienced before.  Retiring is, if nothing else, an indication of a significant change in your lifestyle.  If you are hoping to continue working but reduce your hours or level of responsibility, you will want to be able to do so in a healthy way.  If you are inclined to enjoy some well-earned down time in full retirement, you will want to be prepared for the unexpected.

Manage the Transition of Retirement

It is not uncommon for new retirees, planning to move more slowly than they are used to, to feel adrift and even depressed.  The focus they once had on work can manifest in a feeling of emptiness or purposelessness, or both.  It is helpful to understand that change and transition are related, but they are not exactly the same.  A change occurs externally; transition is a process over which you have some control.  If the change initiated by your retirement causes you to feel adrift, it may help to talk with someone like Laurie Grengs.  She can help you understand the change in a way that prepares you for the necessary transition to retirement.

If you have recently retired, or plan to soon, and want to talk with someone who can help you manage the change and transition associated with it, Laurie Grengs is an excellent resource.  You can schedule an appointment by calling either of these numbers: (763) 572-2326 or (877) 572-2326.