Dear Laurie

Dear Melissa,

What a positive step to reach out to me. I value your need to want direction to your marriage. I suggest my guiding you with ideas of how you can reach  your husband emotionally.

The concept of active listening is a style of listening to your spouse that would affirm for him you are listening and respect him. When listening with an open heart, leaning forward with good eye contact, and repeating back to your husband what you hear him saying, will empower him and you to feel the potential for a deepening of your emotional and spiritual connection.

When you paraphrase what he said to you, you can then ask him is there more?

Upon his responding to that question, you may listen from your heart to the feelings in his response or if he says there is not any more, you may say thank you. I appreciate hearing your thoughts. I look forward to sharing myself with you in a similar manner.

My best to you Melissa.

Laurie Grengs, M.A.

Licensed Psychologist

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

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