Response to Christina

Dear Christina,

How great your questions are. So many people I provide psychotherapy for struggle with the same concerns in the earlier phases of a relationship and also these questions often come up as a love relationship deepens and becomes long term.

In couples counseling, I often work with couples who have deep sense of knowing that their partner is a connection that goes deeper than words can describe. It seems this is the case for you and your partner.

At this time, I would suggest to look at the beliefs you have about how a love relationship manifests. Beliefs, (i.e. does my self worth come from the love of another person or am I enough in my essence, how do I nurture my soul thus allowing my spirit to be the source of my intentions), such as these have the potential when explored to foster self development which in turn brings your spirit closer in essence to your partner. The process of you opening your self to deeper self love will bring your level of spiritual vibration higher which attracts the connection you are building with this new man.

Couples counseling is a resource, I would recommend, to explore after allowing your beliefs to be challenged. Indivdual psychotherapy would assist you in exploring your beliefs and helping you you to create new expansive soulful ideas about love.

I believe in your journey and any way I may assist you, please feel free to contact me at my email address of . My website will also provide you with added information about couples therapy and individual therapy.

My best,

Laurie Grengs, M.A.

Licensed Psychologist

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker