Reprogramming of Sabrina

Sabrina’s psychotherapy had arrived at the crossroads of Sabrina needing to go into her feelings further to allow for her freeing herself of the deep anguish of her past and challenging the brainwashing. Sabrina’s daily life was extremely distressing. For as Sabrina continued to uncover her memories the horror and emotional pain was escalating. Functioning in her daily commitments was becoming impossible. The trauma from her past had a grip that was strangling Sabrina’s will to live. She (Sabrina) and I discussed holding off for another several sessions on the marriage therapy.

I discussed with Sabrina the need for challenging her beliefs. She would ask me many times “how”? One belief at a time, I told her. We break each belief down and explore where the belief came from, how accurate is it, and what may be a new belief to replace the old belief.

As Sabrina and I explored her beliefs, Sabrina revealed to me, her psychologist and marriage counselor, that the brainwashing had been taken to a level of extraordinary proportions. Sabrina began to tell me of times in the cult when she had been taken out of state. She said she was blindfolded and gagged during the the abductions. Several dozen men, showed up at the house where she was held in captivity often by the cult, and put a large pillow case over her head and taped it to her shoulders in order she would not see the path taken. They tied her hands with rope that ripped at her skin for it was so tightly bound on her wrists.

She heard the sounds of  engines as she was taken onto what seemed to be a large “machine” of some type. Being so young the first time this occurred she had no idea what this object was. Yet she learned quickly.  For this was to become a common occurrence. The object took off and she knew it was moving in the air. Hours later it landed and she was taken off and out of the “moving object” and sped away in a car.  Upon arriving at a destination the pillow case was ripped off her head. She saw many buildings out in an open area with a lot of sand and scrubby bushes.

There she was taken into a building where she was tied to a chair and lights were directed at her eyes. In came several dozen men in uniforms and holding guns, Sabrina screamed with terror. What was going to happen now? For the next ten years this was to become a once a month journey. She was flown to another state where she was tied up, then walked through many buildings with lots of machinery and many men and women appearing to be doing “something” with these machines and talking to each other.

As Sabrina discussed this in her psychotherapy, she recalled many signs in the buildings stating US government property. Sabrina was extremely reluctant to share this information for she feared deeply that what she was told would come true, if she ever told this to anybody she would would be killed.