Relationship Counseling

Individual or CouplesAll couples experience problems in their relationship. And it is almost certain that people experiencing relationship issues of different lengths of time and intensity do not have proper training to address their issues with the necessary objectivity. What many of us learn in our childhood, which is that love-everlasting, sometimes conflicts with reality. And when we add to that the learned behavior of avoiding conflict, or attacking problems with anger, we can compound the problems in our relationships. Laurie Grengs provides relationship counseling for couples in the Blaine, Coon Rapids, Spring Lake Park, and Anoka, MN area and will help with these issues by providing objectivity, impartiality, empathy, and a sincere desire to help you get back to a good place in your relationship.

Improve Your Relationship Over Time

Laurie Grengs has practiced couples’ counseling for over thirty-five years, and has helped many people get their marriages back to a healthier state. She works with couples to identify the underlying causes of relationship issues and create better and healthier patterns. She focuses on establishing healthier communication patterns between you and your partner and helps you focus on the commitment that you have made and the love that you share.

Many people approach their relationship problems by looking for the least painful short-term solution. However, couples have to work at it continuously—and focus on maintenance over time, not a concentrated attempt that is not maintained long term. And that’s where Laurie Grengs comes in. By visiting with her on a regular basis, couples have built-in consistency to their attempts to improve their relationships.

Laurie Grengs treats every couple with respect and individuality. She therefore has some recommendations that respect their individual circumstances, but can be generalized from other couples relationships.

● The first is that all couples must commit to communicating from a loving place. As such, it is important to consider how you communicate with each other and be open to new methods of communicating.

● Use “I” statements when you communicate. These encourage you to take responsibility for your feelings and contributions to the relationship.

● Commit to listening to your partner with no agenda.

● Limit the amount of investment you make in winning disagreements or fights. The goal in relationships should be finding mutually beneficial solutions

● Do things you enjoy outside of the relationships. Having monthly outings with other family members or new friends can be good for both couples. And enjoying the fact that your partner is enjoying life outside of your relationship means you are less likely to develop contempt for that person within your relationship.

Marriage Counselor, MN

Relationships are hard work. And keeping them healthy can lead to great fulfillment. When you need help and support, call Laurie Grengs at (877) 572-2326 to schedule a time for an appointment.