Recovery Coach Coon Rapids MN

Addiction Recovery Counseling Coon Rapids MNThe holidays can be a time of great indulgence and is often filled with a slew of emotions, for some the time is extremely happy and for others is can be sad and depressing. Substance abuse spikes during the holidays months, with many looking to alcohol and drugs to help them get through the stressful time. If you found that you overdid it over the holidays and a bit into the New Year, now is a great time to restore balance, find your inner strength and get yourself back to a healthy place. You may find that you need the help of a professional to reset, in order to keep yourself from spiraling out of control. Laurie Grengs is a Psychologist in Coon Rapids that provides Recovery Support and Coaching Services, MN with 35 years of experience helping individuals find ways to strengthen all aspects of their live.

Sobriety Help in Coon Rapids, MN

The holidays can be a trigger for those struggling with substance abuse to fall into old and unhealthy habits with drugs and/or alcohol. Laurie Grengs leads the International Center For The Attainment of Love And Joy, which is a program that can help you battle substance abuse every step of the way. Laurie herself can serve as a Minnesota sobriety coach, giving you the support, encouragement and companionship that you need to finally win the battle and stay sober.

Our licensed therapists will listen to your struggles, your concerns, and your innermost thoughts and help you identify your triggers and develop strategies for managing the urge to drink or use drugs. We can enhance your treatment by providing coaching and support during this difficult time, which increases the likelihood that you can stay sober this time, for good.

Do Not Fight The Addiction Battle Alone

Give yourself the best chance for success by partnering with Laurie Grengs and the International Center For The Attainment Of Love And Joy on your journey to sobriety. If the holidays left you feeling weak, lonely and overwhelmed, causing you to seek solace with alcohol or drugs, do not fight this battle alone. Our team can help you ease the pain brought on by addition, both for yourself and for those you love. We can help you find effective ways to stop this behavior long term, so that you can have control of your life, once and for all. Take the first step toward a new beginning today by calling the International Center For the Attainment Of Love And Joy at 1-877-572-2326 or 1-763-572-2326 or send us an email at .