Quit Drinking Counselor, Blaine

Addiction Recovery Counseling Coon Rapids MNLaurie Grengs, a psychologist with an active practice in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, has served not only Coon Rapids, but other communities including Blaine, MN as well.  She has served people as a counselor and therapist for more than thirty-five years.  In that time, she has helped an untold number of people resolve persistent issues using a combination of formal training, empathy, and incisive observations.  Laurie Grengs understands how the world works and what it can do to people. Sensitive people often absorb the pain of the world around them, taking to heart the mean-spiritedness of others and the pain that some others displace.  For some people, the issues that affect them can place severe limits on their lives and last for decades.  Sadly, many of us learn to cope with the pain that life throws at us by relying on such substances as alcohol and other drugs.  If you have found yourself ingesting more alcohol than you know is healthy for you, or if people in your life have expressed concern about your alcohol use, consider partnering with Laurie Grengs to regain control.

Alcohol And Substance Abuse Counselor, Blaine MN

Laurie Grengs provides individual counseling and group therapy, which some families benefit from when a family member’s drinking has caused issues. Laurie Grengs has a track-record of showing that she will work with you to find the best possible solutions to your issues and help you reach resolution of the myriad factors in your life that are persistently difficult for you, and if those issues involve alcohol, you can count on her training to help you.  She will help identify triggers for you and help you develop strategies for curbing your urges.

Move Past Addiction

For many people, the problems that alcohol causes can create an inability to live life fully.  Seeking Laurie Grengs’ help, especially if you live in or near Blaine, MN, can help you find the means to understand the impact of alcohol on your life, and the lives of the people around you.  If you cannot reach resolution on your own, it may be time to seek the assistance of a qualified professional like Laurie Grengs.  Laurie is not only extremely well trained, she will also be able to help you trace the origins of the issues you are dealing with, which can help prevent them from returning.  It is far more difficult to reach resolution on such things on your own, especially when the underlying issues are compounded by alcohol.  If you find yourself dealing with issues that diminish your quality of life in any way, finding your way to Laurie Grengs can be extremely helpful to you.  Call her directly to learn more at 1-(877) 572-2326.