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Life and Professional Coaching Coon Rapids MNWhen you feel distress or depression, seeking help can feel risky and scary. But therapist Laurie Grengs, based in Coon Rapids, MN, has been practicing counseling and therapy for more than three decades and has helped many people with a variety of issues using her combination of professional training, empathy, and insight. Laurie Grengs’ capacity to work with people who are suffering from depression and other mental health issues comes as a result of her training and natural empathy. Combined with a knowledge of the world’s complexity and the damage it can do to people, Laurie Grengs is someone you can count on to help you address whatever issues are present in your life. This is true, whether the issues are depression, anger, addiction, marriage, trauma, substance abuse, or others in between.

Laurie Grengs offers individual counseling and group therapy, and she will work with you to find the best possible means to help you find solutions to the uniqueness of the issues in your life that are posing difficulty, especially if you are dealing with the problems that emerge out of depression.

Trusted Psychologist MN

Battling a mental health issue can be persistent and painful. Avoiding seeking help can complicate your life for years, possibly decades. It’s important to find someone to help you make sense of the world and to recognize that there can be significant overlap in your life as to how those things manifest. If you are experiencing depression or anxiety for example, it may be due to many different factors; if you are dealing with the ongoing effects of trauma, you may also be experiencing difficulty because of the dominant presence of anger in your life. If you are dealing with some combination of these or other issues, it is important that you understand how they relate to each other. But when you are in the midst of dealing with such things, it is often far more difficult to understand how they relate to each other, and therefore it can be harder to make sense of them and reach resolution.

Finding The Help You Need

For most people, the inability to reach resolution on your own means that you should strongly consider seeking the assistance of a qualified professional like Laurie Grengs. Laurie is not only extremely well trained, and compassionate, she will be able to help you trace the origins of the issues you are dealing with. And with greater understanding of the origins of the issues, you will be empowered to understand how they are affecting you and, most important, how you can address them in a meaningful way. It is far more difficult to make sense of such things on your own.

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