Psychologist Champlin MN

Psychologist Champlin MNLaurie Grengs is a licensed psychologist who serves the community of Champlin, MN. For more than thirty-five years, she has offered her therapeutic and counseling services to local individuals, couples, and families. Her clinical expertise covers everything from depression and anxiety to substance abuse, anger management, and many other issues that get in the way of our living healthy, happy and meaningful lives.

What sets Laurie Grengs apart from other licensed psychologists in the area is the priority she places on empathizing with her clients.

Licensed Psychologist Champlin MN

The fundamental goal of counseling and therapy is to help others make sense of issues that are causing difficulty in their lives. Laurie’s practice is based at the International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy and her overarching goal is to help you focus on using the power of love to help you improve your relationships, and truly address your needs. She works to help her clients find joy within themselves and in their lives. She uses psychotherapy, life and executive coaching, marriage counseling, and specialized counseling for individuals who have been through trauma. Laurie Grengs has chosen this profession because of her desire to improve the world by helping one person or one couple or one family at a time. Many of her clients are energized when she shares her empathy and expertise.

Laurie Grengs’ empathy grows when she expresses her empathy to individuals, couples, and families. When this is combined with her decades of experience and the quality of her professional knowledge and practice, her clients benefit.

Find Joy in Your Life

Whether your reasons for seeking counseling are to make sense of issues that are preventing you from feeling more fulfilled or you are seeking more immediate help with acute or chronic trauma, Laurie Grengs can help you. Laurie has spent her career gathering insight and wisdom about the full range of psychological experiences that affect our lives, and she considers all of them to be valid. We all have a right to live fulfilled lives, and life sometimes prevents us from doing so. Laurie Grengs does her work to affirm that if you feel prevented from living your best life, you are not precluded from finding a different and better path.

If you live in the Champlin, MN area and have thought about contacting a psychologist for help solving a problem that you face, call Laurie Grengs at 877-572-2326 or 763-572-2326 to schedule an appointment.