Psychological Testing Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Psychological Assesments Coon RapidsLaurie Grengs of the International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy offers a wide array of psychological and mental health service for people living in range of Coon Rapids, Minnesota.  In fact, she has offered such services for more than thirty years and has become an important staple of healthy living. An important component of Laurie Grengs’ many services is that of Psychological Testing in Coon Rapids, MN.

Coon Rapids residents benefit from Laurie Grengs’ depth of skill, and psychological testing can provide information to you about patterns of behavior, patterns of thought that influence behavior, and information about how you process emotion.  All of those things relate directly to how we navigate our way through the world, and when we find deficiencies or inexplicable roadblocks to our happiness and joy, or to our full-functioning, the help of a qualified therapist can be irreplaceable.  When that therapist also has the ability to supplement our understanding by means of employing psychological evaluations, the potential for our understanding is enhanced.  And when our understanding is enhanced, the potential for achieving greater joy and happiness is also greater.

Misconceptions About Psychological Assessments

Therapists and counselors often employ psychological assessments, and it may still be true that many people misunderstand how and why psychological assessments are used.  If you are skeptical about the idea of psychological testing based on limited knowledge of, say, the Rorschach (or Inkblot) Test, you should understand several things.  The first is that the Rorschach Test was never intended to reveal the most essential nature of your being—it was intended to help psychotherapists understand your thought patterns better.  The next thing to understand is that modern psychological assessment is itself tested for validity and reliability—in other words, assessments must be able to accurately measure what they set out to measure, or they are of little to no use to your healthcare provider.  And, finally, psychological assessments are not intended to do anything other than help you understand yourself better.

Coon Rapids Psychologist Laurie Grengs Helps You Find Greater Insight

A qualified therapist like Laurie Grengs will employ psychological tests not as a way of tricking you into revealing things you don’t want revealed, but with the intention of gaining greater insight into aspects of your life that may be difficult to access.  Psychological assessments may approach the attainment of greater insight obliquely, which may be necessary because of the complexity of the issues at play.  But Laurie Grengs’ motivation will only ever be to help you make sense of those complexities, and psychological assessments can be very important tools in revealing hidden or confusing patterns in your life.