Psychological Testing and Evaluations Anoka MN

Psychological Testing and ResultsAre you in the Anoka, MN area and in search of a qualified therapist to assist you in the process of a psychological test and evaluation? If so, The International Center For The Attainment of Love and Joy can provide you or a loved one with a full psychological assessment. Our caring therapists will help you understand and give insight into the process, both before and after the results have been determined.

Why Get a Psychological Assessment?

The term itself might seem intimidating but really a psychological test and evaluation is a commonly used tool to help aid in developing a method of treatment that would best assist the person or people close to them. The evaluation consists of basic tests and observing behavior. The tests will be age appropriate and usually involves checklists or questionnaires and an interview, where the psychologist preforming the evaluation will ask questions and the patient is free to answer in their own words, even bring up other concerns. A lot of the time, depending on the concern, other people close to the person will be interviewed too.

What Does a Psychological Evaluation Test For?

Educational Reasons – Sometimes teachers, parents or the person themselves is concerned about their learning capabilities, it is then they or another will suggest testing.

Health Concerns – Mental health concerns are another reason that an evaluation will be completed, this can range from ADHD to anger management, addiction to dementia or even to help determine the severity of a brain injuries and anywhere in between.

Legal Purposes – Sometimes an evaluation is court ordered, or suggested in a court setting, the reasons can be anywhere from a legal brush up to a custody battle.

When selecting a clinic to complete a psychological evaluation it is important that the evaluations be completed ethically. These tests have a history of being unethical but with the proper code put in place and a nurturing therapist, like the ones at The International Center For The Attainment of Love and Joy, you or your loved one will be in good hands and a proper treatment will be put in place for positive results from every angle.

Contact our therapists today for any questions you have or to schedule a Psychological Evaluation at 763-572-2326 or email us at , we are always happy to hear from you and focus on our clients’ needs first!