Psychological Evaluations Coon Rapids MN

Psychological Assessment Professionals

Psychological Testing and ResultsA Psychological Evaluation can be very informative and helpful for an individual being evaluated and others in their lives. Multiple techniques are in place for a highly trained psychologist to perform an assessment. The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy has qualified psychoanalysts who have specific training to conduct evaluations, interpret results and implement programs for healing. Laurie Grengs, a Licensed Psychologist at our Coon Rapids, MN location, has 35 years of experience in performing various techniques for psychological assessment.

Why Mental Health And Other Assessments Are Requested

Psychological Evaluations are performed for several different reasons. An assessment can be a good way to guide patients, parents or others toward an appropriate action plan for dealing with Psychological, Emotional, Intellectual or Academic issues. A Licensed Psychologist at The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy utilizes multiple techniques for the purpose of gaining helpful information about a particular issue or situation.

Possible reasons or concerns that lead to a request for a psychological assessment include:

• Concerns of misdiagnosed or undiagnosed metal health problems
• Screening for a learning disability
• Assessment for memory problems
• Evaluating possible developmental delays
• Assessing Children, Adults, Adolescents and Seniors
• Better understanding of Behaviors, Actions and Patterns

Types of Psychological Testing Offered:

• ADHD Screenings
• Autism Evaluations
• Behavior Assessment
• Mental Health Disorders
• Personality Disorders
• Learning Disorders
• Interpersonal Issues
• Developmental Delays

Highly Trained Licensed Psychologist

The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy has highly trained professionals in the field of Psychological Evaluations. Our Coon Rapids, MN location offers psychological assessments performed by a highly experienced Psychologist. We perform mental health and other assessments for a variety of issues and look to diagnose specific problems.

Licensed Psychologist Laurie Grengs is well qualified with 35 years of experience in evaluating Memory Issues, Learning Disorders, Developmental Delays, ADHD Screening, Autism Evaluations among other health issues.

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