Psychological Evaluations Coon Rapids MN

Life and Professional Coaching Coon Rapids MNThere are a wide variety of reasons for people to seek psychological evaluations. One way to look at psychological evaluations is that they are a way to measure an individual’s abilities, feelings, personality and character traits. For adults and children, a psychological evaluation can help to determine the basis of certain issues. For whatever reason you might be considering obtaining a psychological evaluation, there’s no reason to become intimidated or concerned, these evaluations are designed to help you by providing a diagnosis and a guideline for treatment. For both children and adults, psychological evaluations can be considered similar to a medical doctor’s physical evaluation to obtain a diagnosis and treatment plan. Laurie Grengs works closely with clients to provide support before, during, and after psychological evaluations in Coon Rapids MN.

Coon Rapids MN Psychological Evaluations For Children

Psychological evaluations for children are designed to help you understand among other things, your child’s actions and behaviors. There are a variety of different reasons to perform a psychological evaluation of a child or adolescent, and they may be related to mental health issues, problems at school, learning disabilities, memory impairments, or developmental delays. Regardless of the basis for your child’s psychological evaluation, there is no reason to be intimidated by the testing process. In Coon Rapids, MN, Laurie Grengs offers psychological evaluations for children and adolescents in a comfortable and friendly environment to diagnose and help parents navigate through a plan for treatment of any issues.

Psychological Evaluations For Adults In Coon Rapids MN

As an adult, if you have been referred for a psychological evaluation in Coon Rapids MN, Laurie Grengs offers a peaceful and understanding setting to thoroughly assess any issues you may be experiencing. With 35 years as a licensed psychologist, Laurie specializes in performing psychological evaluations, and seeks to help you attain your highest level of overall health: Mental, emotional, and physical.

Coon Rapids Psychological Evaluations For Children And Adults
While there are many different reasons that people get psychological evaluations, some of the different types of psychological evaluations offered by Laurie Grengs include:

● Mental Health and Personality Disorders
● Interpersonal Issues
● Learning Disorders
● Autism Evaluations
● Behavior Assessments
● ADHD Screening

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