Psychological Evaluations: Behavioral Assessments

Counselor Coon RapidsLaurie Grengs has established a highly regarded psychological practice in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, because she has a combination of skills, ability, training, professionalism, and natural empathy.  For more than thirty-five years, Laurie Grengs has provided new insights, self-awareness, and healing to her many clients because she has made a commitment to do all she can to alleviate the pain and difficulty that so often manifests in the lives of her clients.

A good therapist will tell you that their skills, no matter how great they are, often go only so far in helping clients reach resolution of their issues.  It is at such points in the therapeutic relationship that the good therapist will suggest another tactic in order to gain greater understanding of the client’s presenting issues: psychological testing.  Psychological testing covers a great deal of territory in the world of psychology.  It can be employed to assess everything from autism spectrum issues to anger issues, and all points in between.  One area of specialty for Laurie Grengs is psychological testing in the realm of behavioral issues.

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When we think of behavioral issues, it is most likely that children come to mind.  It may be that behavioral testing is done primarily with children, and for good reason.  Childhood has been studied by psychologists for a very long time and in great depth, so our knowledge of underlying causes among children is fairly well to very well understood.  So if your decision to seek the help of Laurie Grengs is due to an issue with your child, you can be assured that Laurie Grengs is able to employ a range of psychological evaluations to better identify the cause or causes of the issues your child is presenting.

But behavioral issues are not solely the province of children.  Adolescents and adults often engage in behaviors that create difficulty in their lives.  In such cases, the complexity of the issues is greater than it would be for younger children.  It is often helpful to combine a more traditional approach to counseling—talk therapy, for example—with behavioral assessment.  Psychological testing can reveal information that may not emerge in the more traditional dialogue-based therapy.  A client who is inclined to withhold details in talk therapy often reveals underlying motivations when behavioral evaluations are conducted.

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And no therapist employs such assessments with greater effectiveness than Laurie Grengs.  Laurie has worked for the majority of her adult life to bring relief to people who have developed issues that simply won’t go away on their own.  Laurie Grengs empowers her clients to address their issues openly and honestly, in the hopes that they can attain love and joy for themselves.  For an appointment or to contact Laurie directly, call (763) 572-2326.