Psychological Evaluations Anoka County MN

Psychological Testing MNAmong the most perplexing aspects of our culture is the persistent stigma associated with mental health. When looked at head-on, the way many of us still look at mental health simply does not stand up to scrutiny. To stigmatize the pursuit of mental health is as arbitrary as it would be to stigmatize podiatric (foot and ankle) health or dermatologic health. If any aspect of our health is compromised, we should be able to address it without concern for how we will be treated by the people in our lives, family members or acquaintances or total strangers. In fact, we should be supported unconditionally when addressing any kind of health concern.

Finding Answers For Yourself

That is truer than ever as it pertains to psychological well-being. If you are dealing with questions about your emotional and/or psychological well-being, you can benefit from an evaluation process to help determine the nature of the issue and strategies for how to address it. Laurie Grengs is trained to provide the kind of insight and perspective that can help restore the psychological well-being that you deserve. There are, of course, multiple manifestations of issues that could cause you to benefit from an evaluation. In fact, for each individual, there could be an infinitude of factors that prevent balance and fulfillment from being achieved. So, whether you are responding to issues that emanate from childhood trauma that happened so early that the source cannot yet be specifically remembered, or recent traumas associated with a failed relationship, Laurie Grengs can help you make sense of the origins and how to begin answering the questions that remain about them.

Laurie Grengs offers a full range of psychological evaluation, serving those in the Anoka County, MN area, all of which are designed to help you gain greater understanding of what is preventing you from achieving the fulfillment and balance you desire.

The range of psychological evaluation offered by Laurie Grengs includes the following:

  • General mental health and personality disorders testing
  • Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorder screenings
  • Learning disorders and disabilities
  • Developmental delays
  • Autism spectrum evaluation
  • Interpersonal issues
  • Behavior assessment

Laurie Grengs Specializes in Psychological Evaluation

Those seven bullet points cover an enormous range of possible issues, and it takes a specific skill set in order to understand the connections between and among them. Laurie Grengs has that skill set. If you are struggling for any reason, Laurie Grengs can help you gain the perspective and insight you need to get back to balance. . . or perhaps to feel balanced for the first time in your life. Call her directly at 1-(877)-572-2326 for more information about the services she provides.