Professional Therapy Coon Rapids MN

Positive Change Through Counseling

TherapyIt is essential that the therapist that you choose is someone that you feel comfortable to talk openly. Your psychologist must be a caring professional that is also a support system when the therapeutic process becomes challenging. An ideal relationship with a Licensed Psychologist is based on trust and comfort level. Research has showed that how well you relate to a counselor can be just as important as the type of professional therapy that you choose. The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy, in Coon Rapids, MN strives to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Comfort Level Is Crucial

You can get the most benefit from professional therapy when you feel comfortable enough to share intimate details about your situation. During the course of talk therapy it is important that you can open up about your most private feelings and thoughts. This will enable you to explore what makes you tick and why you are making current choices in life.

Increased self-awareness is a big step toward learning new behaviors. Feeling connected to your therapist helps give you a sense of trust and safety. This is only possible when you are able to feel comfortable and that you are confiding in a caring professional.

Ask Yourself These Questions When Choosing A Therapist

  • Is your therapist a Licensed Psychologist with experience in the areas you would like help?
  • Does your therapist understand you?
  • Do you feel comfortable enough to discuss deeply personal issues?
  •  Is your therapist accepting of who you are?
  • Does your therapist really listen to what you are saying?
  • Can you be honest and open with your therapist without pretending you are someone you are not?
  • Does your counselor seem like a caring professional?
  • Are you comfortable that this individual will be a support system during your healing?

Caring Professional Help in Coon Rapids MN

The International Center for the Attainment of Love has licensed psychologists in the Coon Rapids, MN area. We have provided counseling help for more than 33 years and are professionally trained listeners. Positive change can happen when you have a good support system and guidance of a trusted, caring professional.

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