Private Counseling Coon Rapids

Private Counseling Coon RapidsWe live in an age when it is no longer a luxury to enlist the services of a private counselor, but is often a necessity.  As our species has gained greater access to information and understanding, the problems that arise as a result of that acquisition have increased in frequency and severity.  In a parallel to an economic market responding to customer demand, so to has the profession of counseling responded to our collective need for greater insight.  Laurie Grengs has devoted her practice and her career to private counseling services in the Coon Rapids, MN area.

One On One Counseling, Coon Rapids MN

Whether you know it as ‘talk therapy,’ ‘psychotherapy,’ or ‘counseling,’ it has become widely recognized and valued in our 21st century world because of the great value and insight it brings.  When you work with Laurie Grengs, you are almost certain to gain insight into the underlying issues affecting your life, and by confronting them in the safety of the environment she provides, you will very likely achieve greater happiness and joy.  Laurie Grengs has offered private counseling sessions in Coon Rapids, Minnesota for more than thirty-five years.  Her reputation as a Licensed Minnesota Therapist is unsurpassed.

Laurie Grengs takes a patient-centered approach to private counseling.  She will, therefore, do her best to create a comfortable atmosphere in which to work with you, and she will involve you in identifying the best means of addressing the issues that are affecting you.

Goals Of Private Counseling Services

A primary goal of private counseling is to build self-knowledge.  When your self-awareness increases, you gain a feeling of empowerment and greater confidence to respond to stressors in your life.  Some people can achieve greater awareness on their own, but it is much more efficient to involve a highly trained professional like Laurie Grengs.  If you are trying to make sense of the present manifestation of trauma from earlier in your life, it is almost always necessary to have an impartial listener offering thoughts and questions about the circumstances so that you can maximize your understanding of it.  Laurie Grengs is unmatched in this regard. Her individual sessions can address issues such as low self-esteem, anger, anxiety, depression or any other stressor that is weighing down the daily quality of your mood and life.

To be relieved of the mental and psychological weight of our problems is nothing short of liberating.  Laurie Grengs holds the keys for many people in this regard, and if you are in the Coon Rapids, MN, area call (877) 572-2326 for an appointment or email Laurie directly at .