Oneness with Light and Love

Oneness with Light and LoveSocial media and the news bombards us with the kind of bad news that can hurt our soul. We see stories illuminating the dangers of climate change and the horrors of mass shootings, and the feelings of despair challenge our capacity for hope. And those things almost always strike us separately from the issues that affect us personally—childhood trauma, anger issues, substance abuse, eating disorders, or self-esteem issues. There is relief from the global issues that affect us all and the individual issues that can make us feel isolated. That relief can come from working closely with a therapist like Laurie Grengs, who has made a career of helping people find oneness with the world around them with light and love.

Experienced Therapist that Can Help you Find Hope in your Life

Laurie Grengs’ career is marked by a longstanding belief in the power of light and love. Light and love are the forces that have the ability to combat the darkness, hate, and indifference that cause internal difficulty for us. One truth in life is that we are, in fact, all connected to one another. As our lives become more complicated, we tend to become distracted from those facts and the result is the opposite of oneness and a distance from lightness and love. The further we get from lightness and love, the more we grow to believe that there is only darkness, hate and indifference.

If you have feelings of despair, depression, or just a general lack of satisfaction with the way life is going, working with Laurie Grengs can help you find relief, feel more positive and find hope. For people who feel extreme depression and disconnection, the fact that they still work to find meaning in each day means that there are still traces of hope. Working with Laurie Grengs is an effective way of understanding the sources of your difficulty and getting reconnected to our oneness with light and love.

Combat Negative Forces in your Life

The negative forces around us are stronger than they have been in recent history. That fact cannot and should not be denied. But it is important for you to know that you are not just capable of persevering through difficult times, you are capable of being at one with light and love. And that means that you can be a source of hope for others. In fact, you already are. Working with Laurie Grengs can provide you with a new perspective that helps you understand the power of the light and love that emanate from you.

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