Modern Couples Counseling

Modern Couples CounselingLaurie Grengs provides excellent, effective and responsive counseling for modern couples.  For almost four decades, she has offered her unique combination of empathy, professionalism, and deep knowledge of the human behavior to many local clients.  The couples who have worked with Laurie find that she has a keen view of the modern world, which allows her to understand the wide range of issues that couples bring to her.  She has the ability to adapt to changing times, to anticipate issues in relationships that result from those changes, and to lend helpful insight to couples based on a firm base of understanding.

Trusted Therapist with Real World Experience

Laurie Grengs has been a leader in the world of counseling because of her capacity for adapting, anticipating, and providing insights that allow couples to communicate better.  She stays current in the many challenges of our times – the pressures of social media, the difficulty of juggling dual careers, and parenting in the modern world for example.  She can help you and your partner navigate the world around you and find peace and happiness together.  Laurie’s willingness to listen to the world around her allows her to understand the complex dynamics that can, and often do, cause problems between a couple.

Modern Couples Counseling

if you decide to partner with Laurie Grengs for couples counseling, you will find that she will work to get to know you, you partner, your goals for your relationship and the specific challenges that you face. Laurie demonstrates genuine compassion and an honest approach to addressing the presenting issues.  If you have worked with a therapist before, you will understand how important it is for that person to be honest with you.  Laurie Grengs treats her clients with kindness and does so without fail.  Some counselors often struggle with being as honest as they need to be because they fear a negative response to their honesty.  Laurie Grengs does not typically have that problem, however, because the couples with whom she works understand implicitly that she has their best interests in mind.  Delivering difficult messages to couples or individuals is therefore received in the spirit in which it is intended.  And when delivered by Laurie Grengs, couples understand that she is motivated by giving them the most accurate information possible so that they can have the best possible chance of regaining closeness and meaning in their relationships.

Experienced Couples Counselor

The modern world throws more complications at couples than ever before, and no counselor is better equipped to help you respond to those challenges than Laurie Grengs.  To schedule an appointment, call either of the following numbers: 763-572-2326 or 877-572-2326.