Minnesota Counseling Services

Therapy MNOur world is more complex than ever. Computers, the Internet, and our connectedness to one another by way of those technological advances dictate how we interact in many aspects of our lives. And while technology is largely a positive component of our lives, it can also be said that we are novices in our use of it. We all know the frustrations of using a computer, finding that it is operating slowly and less efficiently than when it was brand new, and having to decide whether to interrupt our current work to restart the machine or continue muddling through.

Defragmenting Our Personal Lives

It may be difficult to decide to interrupt our work when we are in a groove, but on occasion, taking the time to defragment our computer or update software makes the machine work so much better that we end up wondering why we didn’t do it months before.

The same can be true of our personal lives. Without realizing it, the emotional and/or psychological weight we end up carrying can build up subtly (perhaps unnoticeably) over time. We don’t have the luxury, though, of having convenient pop-up messages to tell us that it may be time to restart our own “computers.” Actually, though, we do….

As our complex lives in a modern society continue to develop, so too are the systems designed to help us with our lives. Psychological services, such as those offered by Laurie Grengs, help us through the restart and software-update processes of life.

Laurie Grengs Provides Wide Variety Of Counseling Services

Laurie Grengs has been providing such services for thirty-five years. Her history of providing professional and empathic insight to clients in search of greater clarity and resolution of issues is impressive. Laurie Grengs has the insight and experience to help you make sense of your world on your terms. So, whether you are in need of a simple restart or a more complex and long-term software update, Laurie Grengs can be of assistance to you.

Some of the services Laurie Grengs provides:

  • Counseling (marriage, depression, trauma, individual, anger management, substance abuse, etc.)
  • Coaching Services (executive and life coaching)
  • Psychological Evaluations (helping to establish a baseline of knowledge of the origins and severity of the issues you wish to resolve)

Laurie Grengs offers a thoughtful approach to counseling and understands the power of simple listening. Honest, caring confrontation of the issues that affect our lives can go a long way toward getting you back to a kind of “operational efficiency” that we so enjoy when we get a new laptop. We can be like that new laptop! Call Laurie at (877) 572-2326 or email for an appointment.