Mental Health Therapist Coon Rapids MN

Mental Health Therapist Coon Rapids MNThere is no doubt that we are making strides in the right direction regarding mental health in our country.  Public figures such as Oprah Winfrey, Prince Harry, and many others are taking the initiative to create foundations advocating for mental health issues and reducing, if not eliminating, the stigma that has long been attached to mental health.  As these efforts improve the climate around mental health, more individuals will surely feel more comfortable about seeking help. For those who live or work near Coon Rapids, MN, a trusted and highly qualified mental health therapist is available: Laurie Grengs. She has offered her services as a mental health therapist to the Coon Rapids community for nearly forty years.

Experienced Therapist, Coon Rapids, MN

During that time, Laurie has given her time, attention, insight, and empathy to countless people experiencing untold numbers of issues, difficulties, and challenges.  Long before the social climate was willing to tolerate discussion of mental health issues, Laurie was advocating on behalf of people who struggled alone and were often isolated.  And as the social climate around mental health improves, some people may find the promise of help unfulfilled because they are, at least initially, unable to find someone who can actually help them.

That is not true, however, for the people who find Laurie Grengs.  Laurie is a mental health therapist that is highly professional and can easily connect on a deep and empathetic level.  As your work with Laurie Grengs begins, you will come to understand that she believes that your healing and greater self-understanding come from within you.  Her experience facilitates your growing self-awareness, which becomes greater self-confidence, and encourages greater understanding of the underlying causes of your unique circumstances.  Whether you are dealing with a mild malaise and just feel a little stuck or whether you are struggling with long-term depression and anxiety, Laurie has the experience and insight to help you gain greater understanding of your world.

Comprehensive Counseling Services

Laurie Grengs has extensive experience helping clients who are struggling with all types of mental illness including anxiety, depression, anger management issues, marital difficulty, substance abuse, and recovery after traumatic events. She works with individual adults, couples, adolescents as well as children and families to find a positive and healthy path forward.  If you live in Coon Rapids and would like to schedule an appointment with Laurie Grengs, call 877-572-2326 or 763-572-2326.