Mental Health Evaluation Anoka County, MN

Mental Health Evaluation Anoka County, MNLike many things in society, evaluation of mental health concerns are no longer mysterious processes conducted by intimidating doctors in lab coats. Mental health evaluations can take on many forms, but in most cases they involve completing questionnaires or surveys, or having a conversation with a psychologist or psychiatrist. Laurie Grengs is a highly qualified and deeply empathetic psychologist who provides mental health evaluations as part of her longstanding practice.

An important component of Laurie’s work is related to mental health evaluations. She can help you by identifying and then administering the evaluations that are most appropriate for the issues you are dealing with at the present time.

Types of Mental Health Evaluations Offered

ADHD Screenings: ADHD is diagnosed frequently, and there is some contention about the accuracy of such widespread diagnoses. But when administered by someone with Laurie Grengs’ experience and expertise, you will receive an accurate evaluation.
Behavior Assessment: Behavioral assessment can provide new self-awareness that allows you to modify behaviors you might not have known you were exhibiting.
Mental Health and Personality Disorders: Getting a more accurate understanding of whether there is a mental health component to what you are experiencing can help you gain control of the issue. The strength of a personality disorder may not be great enough to impact your life noticeably, but if one is present, it can be examined in more detail and addressed.
Interpersonal Issues: The way we relate to other people is something most of us take for granted. It is not, however, quite so easy for all people. You may not be diagnosed with a mental health disorder, but instead you may simply experience anxiety or some other difficulty in interpersonal relationships. But Laurie Grengs can offer help in a variety of ways, and evaluation can provide important information about what the issues actually are.
Autism Evaluations: The research on autism is changing on a seemingly daily basis. Laurie Grengs keeps current on all such matters, so you can count on her to provide the most up to date information about autism.

Benefits of Mental Health Evaluations

A mental health evaluation can help you either by describing the condition you have been experiencing or by eliminating one or another condition as the cause of your difficulty. Evaluations are an important tool in the mental health toolbox. Being able to name the issue that you struggle with is a powerful tool in being able to manage it in a healthy way.

Laurie Grengs offers a range of evaluation methods to address a wide array of mental health matters. They provide an overview of your responses to various stimuli, and the data gleaned from them can help you and your psychologist work better together to improve your quality of life. To schedule some time to talk with Laurie Grengs about mental health evaluations, individual counseling, or group therapy, call (763) 572-2326.