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Mental Health HelpLaurie Grengs is a Coon Rapids, Minnesota therapist with more than three decades of experience in helping people address many different issues of mental health.  She has dedicated her life and her career to providing help, support and expertise to those struggling with all types of mental health issues in the Coon Rapids, MN area.  If you or someone you know and love is struggling with any kind of mental health concern, it is vitally important that you help address the issues.  Speaking up and providing support to a loved one may prove to be the difference for them.  And, if you are struggling, you deserve help and Laurie Grengs is qualified to provide to you and/or your loved-one.

Mental Health Issues Are Complex And Important To Address

For most of human history, we have succumbed to the prevailing opinion that any issue of a mental-health nature is somehow justifiably considered a greater weakness than a physical illness.  We have accepted the idea that mental health issues are taboo, and consequently we have accepted the stigma that has accompanied such beliefs.  Laurie Grengs has worked for three decades to dispel myths about mental health issues and challenge the taboo against seeking help with mental health concerns.  And by providing excellent care for the individuals with whom she has worked, Laurie Grengs has helped to reverse the trend of people feeling stigmatized by their decision to speak with a therapist.

Evidence of the shifting tide as it regards the attitudes we have toward seeking help from a counselor is finally becoming more pronounced.  Celebrities have done their part by being more open about their efforts to find relief in their relationships with counselors. While, celebrities have undoubtedly normalized therapy for others, we are also seeing more evidence of people who are easier to relate to speaking publicly about the successes they have enjoyed in therapy.

In a commencement speech recently, the president of the University of Cincinnati revealed that he had attempted suicide twice when he was younger.  The impact on his audience immediately noticeable, and discussion of his revelation thereafter has been positive.  By sharing his story in a public forum, the University of Cincinnati president reinforced the importance of being honest with ourselves about the struggles we are experiencing.  As a youngster, he succumbed to the same pressures to remain silent about his struggles.  But with the encouragement of other important people in his life, he found the means to address the issues he was facing.

Coon Rapids Therapist Offers Comprehensive Counseling Services

We no longer have any reason to validate the taboos and stigmas associated with mental health issues.  We owe it to ourselves and our loved-ones to simply address the problems we are dealing with.  Laurie Grengs is an exceptional resource who can help you with your specific mental health issues. She works with clients to strengthen all aspects of life and focuses on finding unconditional love within themselves, which leads to a sense of empowerment and meaning.  Call Laurie at 1-(877) 572-2326 or email for more information about her services and to take the first step toward addressing your own or your loved one’s mental health issues.