Marriage Therapy MN

Marriage Therapy MNIt can be said that a marriage is like an automobile. When they are new and have low mileage, they tend to run like a dream. They take corners with ease and absorb bumps in the road feeling comfortable and strong. But over time, cars and relationships require more time, attention, and maintenance. To last as long as possible, it is important to make a commitment not to neglect any of the aspects that would otherwise keep them in good working order. Laurie Grengs may not be able to help you with your car’s mechanical issues, but she is a licensed psychologist with expertise in marriage therapy who has helped many couples regain the meaning and value in their relationships.

Find Strength in your Marriage

It is true of both cars and relationships that we tend to allow our familiarity with each other to eventually take them for granted. The dynamic forces of newness are often replaced by static patterns that threaten long-term viability and vitality. And when static patterns begin to take hold, it is only a matter of time before they let us know that our cars and our relationships are not running as smoothly, efficiently, or satisfyingly as they once did. In each case, we have choices to make. Do we ignore the warning signs of necessary maintenance or do we respond proactively and limit the negative impact of the forces at work?

Laurie Grengs understands that most people who make the choice of getting married want to make their marriages last and that they are aware of the fact that it will require hard work to achieve their desired results. One of the great benefits of working with Laurie is that she helps many couples find the joy in the work they are doing to improve their marital relationships.

Experienced Marriage Therapist, MN

Over the course of her career as a licensed psychologist, she has provided the benefit of her wisdom about relationships. Laurie Grengs will help you remember that you and your marriage partner have created something of deep meaning, and that such things deserve our best effort. Laurie Grengs has the experience to be able to see patterns that define your relationship and can help you create strategies that build on the strengths of your relationship.

Marriage therapy, like marriage itself, can be hard work. But the joys that come from hard work become more obvious and attainable when you have someone like Laurie Grengs to guide you through the process. To schedule an appointment or ask questions, call Laurie at 763-572-2326 or 877-572-2326.