Marriage Therapy Coon Rapids MN

Marriage Therapy MNIn today’s society, we all have stress and struggles that are thrown at us each and every day and sometimes these struggles come from where we should feel the safest, home. If you’re thinking of separating or divorcing because you have no other options and you live in the Coon Rapids, MN area, please contact us first. Sometimes communication is hard to achieve in the home with your loved one. We want to aid you to have an open communication line so you both know what exactly is bothering you before giving up, through our Marriage Counseling Services.

5 Of The Most Frequent Reasons for Marriage Difficulties:

1. In-Laws
Most of the time the feud is between wife and mother-in-law. As their both trying to fight over the attention of the male, sometimes it can bring stress into the marriage. A husband and wife need to be a united front, even when facing other family members.
2. Money
You may find yourself lower on funds than you’re comfortable with and it’s his/her fault we’re like this. Having open communication and setting goals and keeping them will go a long way. Working on a budget together can help create equal awareness.
3. Chores
That dreaded word we all hate. Nobody loves to do all the house chores, so finding something each of you like to do and making it your task will not only make things smoother between you, the house will look great each week.
4. Children
After the birth of a child life changes, children can be all consuming – especially if the mother is left to complete all the care on her own. Learn to work together on being the best team you can for your children, while taking the stress off of just one parent.
5. Intimacy
After many years, the sex drive just isn’t there anymore. It’s not that you’re not attracted to him/her anymore, just maybe things at work or the stresses at home have come between the two of you. Honesty and trust will take you a long way here. The key word being communication.

These are by no means the only issues married couples encounter, no matter what problems you are facing with your significant other, if you’re not communicating openly and honestly, then problems will eventually start to arise and one or both of you won’t notice it until it’s “too late.”

Here at The International Center for the Attainment Of Love And Joy, we have a marriage friendly approach that will allow both parties to feel open and safe here. We have the most experienced marriage therapist who has struggled through many marriage problems over the past several years. Sometimes seeking licensed professionals is the best way to figure out the problem, a place where you can be open and honest without being judged and being able to talk it out.
If you’re ready to open up your communication lines and work together to fix your marriage, then call us today and your support can start tomorrow. 763.572.2326